RISE: World's Most Efficient Acne Removal Solution 

Your facial care at home  |  Designed and Approved in Japan  |  Complimentary Serums Included  |  Trusted by Thousands of Consumers

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Popular amongst Japanese market for almost one decade, COSBEAUTY is dedicated to developing edge-cutting beauty technologies.  Our award-winning products include facial massaging devices, hair care devices and skin care devices which have been well received in Japanese consumers.

We pride ourselves in solid research and development capabilities.  Our top-notched engineering team works hard to produce trustworthy and effective solutions to make our customers' skin glow!

We take our products and their effectiveness seriously.  That's why we partner with top testing agency to validate our solutions.


High Acne Treatment Efficacy and More...

Acne removal

COSBEAUTY RISE leverages newest skin-friendly and painless plasma technology to eliminate acne-causing microbes.  In our study, 91% bacteria that cause acnes can be reduced*.


*SGS testing report 

Adoption Enhancement

Through controlled and effective skin treatment, COSBEAUTY RISE R1 boosts absorption of active ingredients contained in serums that come as free amenities.  Our study showed a 1910% improvements in absorption.  That literally means ~20x effacacy with the same amount of serums!

Skin tightening

By using COSBEAUTY RISE R1 2-3 times a day, your skin is micro-massaged to improve its resilience.  Feel young again with the help of plasma technology solution.

Before & After

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  Feature Highlights

Plasma Technology

25KV plasma activated air ions ensures absorption efficiency - 20x better than normal absorption!

Easy Charging

Type C charging port and quick charging cycle up to 90 minutes makes your daily skin care routine more convenient than ever.

Hazard-free Protection

Safety is our top priority.  Numberous tests were conducted to ensure you stay away from unwanted skin irritation.

Award-winning Design

Awarded as Best Product Design by Reddot, RISE R1 goes beyond normal ergonomic elements.  Your glowing skin deserve a glowing beauty device.

Our Japanese Customers LOVE It!


COSBEAUTY RISE R1 was highly praised by a number of customers in Japan.  Don't take our words for it -  hear their voices!

Now you don't have to go to beauty treatment salon any more.  You can enjoy the treatment at home. 

                                                                                                              -- Toshi Toru

I've been using this for 2 weeks and my skin's transparency has definitely improved!

                                                                                                              -- Okuyama Kaori

I participated in the experience trial before its release.  I can tell you this is salon quality at home. 

                                                                                                               -- Kazurise

With Plasma technology, facial care can be done at home!  It does have the effect of killing acne bacteria.

                                                                                                                -- Aika Ogita

Media and Professionals Love COSBEAUTY RISE R1

Aggregate popular media reports in Japan


"Medical grade equivalent beauty device RISE R1 allows serum molecule to pass through skin more easily than ever." 

                                                                                                                            -- BITEKI


"An evolving beauty device that supplies powerful acne treatment functions."

                                                                                                                            -- up PLUS


"COSBEAUTY announces yet another great beauty device that is worth a try."

                                                                                                                            -- Sweet

Stress, UV rays, blue light and air pollution, hormonal imbalance can lead to "acne", "dryness", "rough skin", "sagging" across all age groups.  As such conditions progress, skin pores tend to open more and cause darkening and loss of transparency.  I want to remind everyone to use usual home care and moisturize your skin.  I have high expectations for plasma based beauty device to help  with penetration of active ingredients.

Dermatologist / Cosmetology  Dermatologist / Plastic Surgeon
Kazuko Ito

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What's in the box

  • 1 unit of world's most efficient acne treatment device
  • 4 units of serums including: amino acid based facial cleanser, acne elimination serum, acne scar remediation serum and skin tightening serum

  • 1 unit of charger

After-sales Guarantees


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100% Refund

When we launch on crowdfunding website, a 100% refund policy will take effect immediately.  Your benefits are safeguarded.

Customer services

Every customer's feedback is invaluable to us.  As a glocal company, our customer services are always there for you.  Your satisfaction is our priority!

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